The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Leak - a PR Perspective

If you're reading this, the odds that you are a makeup addict are pretty high. Why else would you be reading about the leak of a niche brand's palette?
anastasia beverly hills subculture palette abh

Product leaks are a double edged sword. Exciting for consumers- but a nightmare for industry professionals. Yesterday (Monday May 15th in the year of our Lord 2017), someone on Reddit posted a picture of the Subculture palette- or what Norvina called the spicy sister of the Modern Renaissance Palette.

Very quickly makeup addicts across the globe collectively lost their minds in excitement. I mean look at that thing, its beautiful. The original post (which has now been deleted) was picked up by the much abhorred and loved beauty blogger Trendmood and published, leading to backlash swifter than Kim Kardashian's exposure of Taylor.. well Swift.

Trendmood has gotten heat a few times in the past for leaking makeup releases, but it seems that this time the fault lies in an employee with shady ethics- not the beauty blogger with more than 650k followers.

Since this leak does not seem deliberate,  (as evidenced by Norvina's tweet) there are some important takeaways for us working in the marketing and public relations sector.
  • Adaptability is a must
Business can be an unpredictable beast. To maintain your personal sanity and have a successful product launch flexibility is key.
  • Media contacts are a must
If you or a brand you're representing experiences a product leak that goes viral, it's important to be in control of the narrative. So long as you have a healthy network of bloggers, journalists and influencers you can manage the story and encourage them to write about your product.
  • Act now
Fortunately for Norvina and the Anastasia Beverly Hills team, the reaction to this new palette has been overwhelmingly positive. Sometimes that won't be the case though. Whatever your situation, it's important to engage with your clients, customers, and staff ASAP. A swift decisive move is better than strategizing for days on end with no updates to the public.

What are your tips for dealing with a product leak?


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