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Milani Cosmetics Most Loved Mattes and Bold Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Review

Milani's recently released Bold Obsessions and Most Loved Mattes eyeshadow palettes are absolutely gorgeous but are they worth the $20 price tag?

Milani Bold Obsessions and Most Loved Mattes paletted

When it comes to makeup, I'm most attracted to neutral tones. beige, brown, gold and champagne are my colors if choice. It's not that colors don't appeal to me, it's just that I know there is a 0% chance that i'll be wearing a neon green eyeshadow in the next five years. If you're like me and your makeup tastes veer unto the more boring, neutral category then you'll most likely love these new palettes by Milani. 

Are they exciting? Not necessarily.
Are they bold? Definitely not. 
Do they blend like a dream and last all day? Absolutely!

Milani Bold Obsessions palette

The Bold Obsessions palette by Milani contains 12 'color-saturated' matte and metallic eyeshadows. The palette is beautifully constructed and it's sturdy and thin enough to travel with. The large mirror is perfect for the makeup love on the go. I'd say the name "Bold Obsessions" is a bit of a misnomer. Though there are a few more 'daring' shades, this palette is a safe everyday pick. I'd ding one point for the names being listed on the back of the palette. Unless you make beauty videos on Youtube, this feature is slightly annoying rather than helpful.

milani eyeshadow swatches

The first row can be used for transition and highlight shades.

bold obsessions swatches

The second row features three metallic shades. These shades are most intense when used wet.

milani metallic eyeshadows swatches

The third row of Bold Obsessions features the boldest of the metallic shades. Smoke Signals is gorgeous when used over a black base. 

milani bold obsessions

The final row features the blackest eyeshadow at the drugstore and a fun satin pinky-red.

milani most loved mattes

Milani's Most Loved Mattes contains 12 beautiful (and basic) matte shades. The top two rows feature mostly pale shades that may be difficult for folks with deeper skin to use. Each shade is buildable and easy to blend and wears well for long periods of time.

most loved mattes swatches

This top row may work well for lighter skintones, but for those with deeper skin, these shades aren't very useful (except for possibly setting concealer or browbone highlights).

milani matte eyeshadow swatches

The second row deepens up a bit, and 'Catch a tan' is quickly becoming my favorite transition shade.

most loved mattes review

The last two rows of this palette are my favorite, if they were sold as a stand alone palette I would definitely purchase it!

milani most loved mattes eyeshadow palette

Although 'Chocolate is life' does not swatch well, it wears well on the lid and is useful for deepening the outer corner of the lid.

I'd definitely recommend these palettes if you're on the hunt for neutral everyday eyeshadows!


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