Heat Treatment for Sand and Gravity Die Castings

Heat treatment is used to improve the mechanical and physical properties of aluminium castings, primarily to increase the tensile strength and reduce the ductility (stretch) of the metal.

Heat treatment is carried out in a highly controlled manner in specialised furnaces to ensure that the casting retains its original shape without cracking. The temperature is kept within very strict parameters to ensure that the casting complies with the required specification.

Our heat treatment processes

在霍沃爱游戏手机下载电脑版思铸件,我们使用不同的热处理conditions to produce the different degrees of hardness required for our castings. Once treated, the hardness of the casting is measured on the Brinell scale (in HB units) – which is a nationally recognised standard.

  • Water quenching
  • Stress-relieving
  • Polymer quenching
  • Crack detection

Once the heat treatment has been completed, the castings can be put through crack detection analysis to check for any defects.

To read a full overview of the heat treament process pleaseclick here.

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