HiPping for Aluminium Sand Castings

HiPping is used to enhance aluminium casting integrity, improve proof stresses and optimise mechanical properties.

During the HiP process, the castings are placed in a pressurised enclosed high temperature furnace. The castings are then heated in an inert gas, commonly argon, which applies uniform isostatic pressure. The process eliminates porous elements through a combination of plastic deformation, creep and diffusion bonding.


The HiP process offers a number of benefits for the manufacture of aluminium castings, including:

  • 孔隙率的完全去除
  • improved casting integrity and mechanical properties
  • greater reliability and longer service life
  • higher resistance to impact, wear and corrosion
  • the potential for smaller, lower-weight, high-strength parts

In recent years, equipment and processing advancements in HiPping aluminium castings have made this a cost-effective way to deliver premium casting quality.

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