At Haworth Castings we thoroughly inspect our castings using both CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machines) and mechanical equipment such as micrometers, verniers and gauges.

Wherever possible CMM’s are chosen as the main method of performing measurements as they are extremely accurate and measure to within a few microns. They check a part using a pre-written and approved CMM program which ensures that the part is not only automatically checked in the same way each time, but that the results are also confirmed against the pre-entered drawing specification. This eliminates any chance of human error.

Each CMM is fitted with internal temperature compensation. This feature automatically compensates for any environmental temperature changes thus leaving just the temperature of the part to be measured and entered in to the program. The CMM then calculates each measurement as if the part was at a stable at 20 degrees centigrade.

Mechanical UKAS certified gauges such as thread, plug, and Rok-it may be used for both confirmation checks and for indication purposes where parts need to be checked before removal from the machines.

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